LICHTROUTEN Workshop: The Great Glow

With the Polish-German artist Marek Radke, plastic waste from everyday life such as plastic cups, screw caps, and straws will become small art objects. Individually or in a cluster, they will be coated with a fluorescent paint so that they begin to glow under the influence of uv-light. With all the objects that nature cannot recycle, a spatial installation is created in which the objects float freely in space and form their own cosmos.

Head: Marek Radke
Coordination: Katja Schlorff. LSM

LICHTROUTEN Workshop: Light Painting

With the Tunisian-Canadian artist Karim Jabbari, selected places in the cityscape become the backdrop for light graffiti. Long time exposures with photo and video cameras turn temporary light drawings into photographic comments on the history of the city, urban spaces and quality of life.

Head: Karim Jabbari, artist
Coordination: Katja Schlorff. LSM

LICHTROUTEN Workshop Series: LICHTROUTEN Assistance

A series of workshops prepares the art educators, site supervisors and the audience accompanists for their tasks. Participation in the workshops is free of charge. INFO

Head: Bettina Pelz, Artistic Director
Coordination: Katja Schlorff. LSM