In 2018, Luedenscheid looks back on 750 years of city history. First settlements already existed in the 9th century, around 1072 the historic church “Erlöserkirche” was built, which until today is the center of the old town. Around 1268 Count Engelbrecht I. founded the City of Lüdenscheid. Around 1400, the first wire guilds were based, even before the metal processing in the 14th and 15th century became important throughout Europe. In the 19th century, hydroelectric power stations and waterways, road and rail transport, postal services and telephone connections were expanded. In 1895, Lüdenscheid was considered the most industrialized city in Germany. In addition to the metal industry, the textile industry had settled in Luedenscheid and later, at the beginning of the 20th Century, the history of the lighting industry began. INFO

The City Jubilee is an opportunity to recall the eventful history of the city. For the circuit of the LICHTROUTEN, the old town and sites which are associated with Luedenscheid’s history will become sites for art interventions.

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