I would lile to join the team, what can Ido?

Get in touch with Katja Schlorff at the office of Lüdenscheid City Marketing,
via the phone at +491703213393
or via email

As a LICHTROUTEN assistant, do I have to know about art?

We meet regulary with the curators Bettina and Tom. They tell us what they know and we ask questions until everyone understands. We also go on the net and to the library and search together for information about the artists and the technology, about the locations and the history of the city.

What can I do?

You can help with installations that need a lot of helpers, or you can supervise a workshop where artists work with children and young people. Or you can join a site team: we take care that all doors are open for the audience, we tell about the making off … and we discuss with the visitors about art and the world. Or you can do guided tours: there are two routes for the audience that wants to know more.

I have no idea about light, can I still do something?

We are from many differnt professional backgrounds, we help eachother to find all info that is needed, ususally one of us knows and then we share.

Where do I get the necessary knowledge for such a supervision?

We meet once a month and exchange ideas, and almost by the way we learn everything that makes it even more interesting to visit the LIGHT ROUTES: Art, technology, city history and the art of good conversation.

During the exhibition period _ do I have to be at the start every day?

No, everyone_can decide how much time he/she wants to spend with us, the fabulous LIGHTROUTES assistants. There is a big schedule that we fill together.

Do I have to be in one place the whole evening?

No, the assistance is divided into several shifts and we try to make it convenient for everyone.

Is there any money involved?

For each shift [about 3 hours] and for each tour [about 3 hours] there is an expense allowance of 50 € … but that is not the main focus for most of us. We are a fun team between 18 and 78 years old, we learn a lot and we know almost everything that happens behind the scenes. During the exhibition time, we can be found almost everywhere … we are the makers of the LICHTROUTEN. Do you want to be part of it? We are looking forward to new faces, smart minds and nice people!

All answers from your LICHTROUTEN assistants _ that’s us!
Achim Schulz
Antje Seltmann
Barbara Altmann
Christiane Breite
Cornelia Amtenbrink
Daniel Loos
Doris Millinghaus
Gabi Püttmann
Günter Brämer
Jari Wieschmann
Jonas Haldimann
Karin Krummel
Karl-Heinz Beckhoff
Katja Hellbach
Kaya Kokoschka
Monika Flor-Reich
Navid Cheema
Renate Hellmann
Susanne Meermann
Udo Reich
Wolfgang Teipel