September 28 to October 7, 2018

Juan Pablo Zaramella

LICHTROUTEN Site Rathausplatz 25
Rathausplatz 25

Juan Pablo Zaramella LR_18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Projekt: Luminaris

Film: Projection
Location reference: Found architecture
Material of the city: Light technology
Image-production: film, projection 2 x 15.000 ANSI Lumen LCD

I feel myself a storyteller before an animator. I love to tell things that are only possible inside the cinema and animation language, and connected with real life and textures. It’s why i chosen stop motion as my main technique: I have the chance to use existing materials to create unique universes and characters. I like to play with different scales, going from puppet animation to people animation through pixilation.

Juan Pablo Zaramella Reference

Photos: Juan Pablo Zaramella


2016 | Argentina: Onión (22 min)
2011 | Argentina: Luminaris (6.20 min)
2011 | Argentina: At The Opera (1 min)


? | Avellaneda [ar], Instituto de Arte Cinematografico de Avellaneda, Studies of Animation and Directing


1972 | Buenos Aires [ar], born


IMDb | Juan Pablo Zaramella
Vimeo | Juan Pablo Zaramella

A short film on making light and an homage to the imagination.

Referential Work: The Tiniest Man In The World (2016).