LICHTROUTEN Side Humboldt-Villa 
Humboldtstr. 36

The Humboldt Villa, commissioned by Richard Noelle in 1913, was designed and built by the architect Ludwig Conradi so that it could serve the Heck family as a residential building from 1929 to 1993. Until 2009 it was used as an old people’s home with the name “Reseda” and has been a regular location of the LICHTROUTEN since 2010. What is special is that all details from the construction period have been completely preserved and the building is therefore listed as a historical monument.


2010 | Site of LICHTROUTEN
Until 2009 | Used as a retirement home under the name Villa Reseda
1929 – 1993 | Residential house of the Heck family
1913 | Built, commissioned by Richard Noelle, architect Ludiwg Conradi