September 28 to October 7, 2018


LICHTROUTEN Side Sauerland-Center
Sauerfelder Straße 2

As the first shopping center in Lüdenscheid, the Sauerland Center was opened in December 1972 after two years of construction. Work on the so-called “EMKA” Tower was completed in March 1973. Initially, the center was very popular and had two cinemas and over 50 shops. The tenants gradually resigned so that the “Merkur Spielhallenbetrieb” is the last remaining tenant in the Sauerland Center.
The owner is the Danish company TK Development.

Sauerland-Center – Reference


until 2018 | tenants gradually move out and centre closes
1977-1990 | Cinema “Central-Threater”
1973 | Construction of the “City Cinema Club Cinema 2000”
1972 | Opening as a shopping center
1971-1972 | Planning and construction