September 28 to October 7, 2018

Ralph Kistler

LICHTROUTEN Site: Sauerlandcenter (innen)
Sauerfelder Straße 2

Ralph Kistler LR18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Project: Cuentos Chinos (Chinese Tales)

Installation: Composition of kinetic objects for overhead projectors
Local reference: Shadow play into the architectural space
Material of the city: Plastics
Image-production: Overhead projectors, small-format toys and everyday plastic objects from China, small motors, cables, sockets
Sound-production: Mechanical sounds of the kinetic objects

Cuentos Chinos (Chinese Tales) is an installation inspired by the traditional Chinese Shadow Theatre. In this installation the “actors” are cheap chinese products which were bought in the popular “all for one Euro” stores.
The products are conected with around 110 motors, solenoids, fans etc and distributed over 18 small theaters with 36×40 cm base. These sceneries are standing on top of Overhead projectors so that their moving shadows will be cast to the walls of the space. The visitor will be part of an overall machinery which is composed by these cheap, often funny and pastiche products. The more abstract idea of a globalized economy will be focused to an absurd theatre. The title “Cuentos Chinos”, is the spanish word for “tall story” or “whopper” and gives the work a double meaning.

Ralph Kistler – Reference

Photos: Ralph Kistler


2017 | Arrefice [sp], MIAC
2015 | Dresen [gr], CYNEART FESTIVAL
2015 | Marseille [fr], 28th FESTIVAL LES INSTANTS VIDEO
2014 | Riga [la], 14th International Contemporary and Video Art Festival “WATERPIECES”
2012 | Tokyo [jp], 15th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL
Since 2002 | Regular exhibitions worldwide


2013 | La Laguna [es], Ph.D. Fine Arts Universidad
2006 | Weimar [de], Master of Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus Universität
2005 | La Laguna [es], Diploma de Estudios Avanzados
2003 | La Laguna [es], Licenciado en Bellas Artes de la Universidad (Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera)
1993 | Germany [de], Ausbildung zum Metalldesigner


Lives and works as visual artist in Munich [de]
1969 | Munich [de], born


Referenzprojekte. Video: Ralph Kistler.