September 28 to October 7, 2018

Pierre Estève

LICHTROUTEN Site: Humboldt Villa,
Humboldtstraße 36

Pierre Estève – LR18

Photos: Pierre Estève, 2018 FLOWERS OF CHANGE

LICHTROUTEN Project: Flowers of Change.

Intervention: Composition of serial objects
Local reference: Integration into the garden area
Material of the city: Plastics
Image-production: LED, analog and digital control, pet bottles
Tone: Composition for plastic containers

The project was born in 2012 for the Nowhere Festival in the desert of Saragosse (the european Burning man). The artwork Flowers of Change is in adequation with the social values such as cooperation , inclusion, autonomy, participation, self expression, leave no trace… Pierre Estève opens here a space-time that allows us to assimilate differently the habitual landscape.It shows a different way of thinking, a universe in which you need to take your time, of reverie, calm and silence.
Through Flowers of change, what is interesting for Ludenscheid, is to get an artwork that may be different from what is usually used in light artwoks, namely to work with faint and delicate LED lights pulsing color variations in the dark, to immerse the spectator in the heart of this ecosystem, by putting him in an environment in which he does not see well, must pay attention to the flowers that are in perpetual change. I seek the visitor in a different way than in what it is done in light and in music. Therefore, I composed a complete sound ecosystem of the Flowers of Change, all interpreted on plastic elements and sound sculptures, working in conjuction with the Flowers field. The visitor is indeed, plunged into a complete universe in which we enter as in a virtual world.

Pierre Estève – Reference

Photos: Pierre Estève


2018 | Paris [fr], Flowers 2.0 Workshop
2017 | Paris [fr], Flowers of change
2016 | Marrakech [mc], ArtCop22
2016 | Paris [fr], DIGITALIS
2012 | Lausanne [swz], Light Festival Flowers 2.0
2012 | Nowhere Festival [sp ], Flowers of Saragosse’s Desert


1986 | Paris [fr], Graduate in Musicology – La Sorbonne
1981 | Gold medallist in Chamber music, guitar
1980 | Avignon and Montpellier [fr], Graduate in Music Academies in Harmony, Fugue and Musical Analysis.
1979 | Mathematics intensive foundation degree


Since 1987 | Lives and work in Paris
1961 | Cahors [fr], Born


Pierre Estève
Wikipedia: Pierre Estève
Flowers of Change