September 28 to October 7, 2018

Numen / For Use

LICHTROUTEN Site: Loher Wäldchen
Breslauer Straße

Numen for use_ LR 18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Project: Tape Lüdenscheid

Intervention: Sculpture
Location reference: Developed for a small forest in the city center
Participation: Walk-in sculpture
Image-production: Adhesive tape

The tendons of multiple layers of conventional transparent adhesive tape are firstly stretched in between a construction. The following continuous wrapping of tendons results in a complex, amorphous surface through the process reminiscent of growing of organic forms. The idea for the installation originates in a set design concept for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars. The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a (tape) recording of the choreography. As a site-specific walk-in installation it was first realised in the year 2009. Since a spider web is one of the most obvious connotation you have when you see the work, it is a great pleasure to do it among trees because it makes an interesting symbiosis. In the nature the tapes get even a further twist and look even less like tapes because it looks even less like synthetic material. This nice little forest in the middle of Lüdenscheid has a sympathetic atmosphere and it is really made for this work.

Numen For Use_Referential

Photo: Benjamin Wenzel


2017 | Angres [fr], LE QUAI
2017 | Tokio [jp], 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT
2017 | Des Moines/IA [us], DES MOINES ART CENTER


2017 | Berlin [de], Comic Opera: Erde
2017 | Sofia [bh], National Theater: Parsifal
2016 | Zagreb [rs], National Theater: Die Frau


Since 2008 | Design-Focus: Scenography
Since 1999 | Design-Focus: Product / Interior
1999 | Extention for collective projects titled “Numen”
1998 | Founding of the design collective “For Use”

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Numen / For Use: Interview (2014, Paris, Palais de Tokyo)