September 28 to October 7, 2018


LICHTROUTEN Site: Kulturhaus Lüdenscheid
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 9

joeressen+kessner LR18

Photos: joeressen+kessner

LICHTROUTEN Project: cc:

Intervention: projection of digitally modified photographs and sound recordings
Local reference: photographs of the architecture, recordings of the text about the history of the city as provided on the official website
Performance: Digitally animated image and sound structure generated by an algorithm
City material: Architecture / Website
Image-production: Camera, computer, software, projection 3 x 20.000 ANSI Lumen 3-Chip DLP
Sound-production: Software, computer, sound system

The acronym cc stands for a variety of terms. Probably the most obvious meaning is the term ‘carbon copy’, as it is used when using e-mails. Originally, it is a carbon copy, an abrasion, an analogue, imperfect copy with individual characteristics. cc: uses this approach in many ways: The projected image material shows in particular photos of the roof of the Lüdenscheid Culture House. The Kulturhaus (roof) is confronted in cc: with copies of itself, with sections, enlargements, distortions, etc., whose changing forms are derived from the geometric construction of the roof, not purely formal, but want to be understood as abstract references to the selection and interpretation of cultural events on site. The roof collects, filters, fragments etc. and is also deformed vice versa. cc’s sound component consists of a mixture of electronic and concrete sounds. The concrete sounds are primarily based on voice recordings of fragments of Lüdenscheid’s city history and are copied, modified and assembled live according to the carbon-copy principle. The result is an organism, an image-sound-machine that never stands still and incessantly generates digital content, the decoding of which is the responsibility of the viewer.

joeressen+kessner Referential

Photos: joeressen+kessner


2017 | Trier [de], GENERATOR
2017 | Houmt Souk [tn], SEE DJERBA
2016 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2015 | Hildesheim [de], LICHTUNGEN
2014 | Koblenz [de], MITTELRHEIN MUSEUM


Since 2001 | Regular collective exhibition activity, mainly in Germany

_ Eva-Maria Joeressen

Since 1998 | Duesseldorf [de], Peter-Behrens-School of Arts, Professorship
Since 1985 | Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany

_ Klaus Kessner

Since 1986 | Regular composing and performing activity, mainly in Germany


_ Eva-Maria Joeressen

Lives in Willich [de]
1956 | Born

_ Klaus Kessner

Lives in Willich [de]
1957 | Born

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Referential Project: inKubator. GENERATOR Trier 2018 | Documentation: joeressen+kessner.