September 28 to October 7, 2018

Aziz Aissaoui

LICHTROUTEN Site: Sparkasse

Aziz Aissaoui_LR18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Project: Between Earth and Sky

Installation: Projection of animated geometric shapes onto moving geometric bodies
Location reference: Developed for the architectural space
Material of the city: Plastics
Image-production: USB-storage, projection 3 x 3,600 ANSI lumens DLP, mirror, plastic straws, nylon cord

Between earth and sky is an invitation to observe and contemplate bringing a thought about our being in nature. It refers to all life from that are existing in between, to the air, to the trees, …. to us human.
The work that is presented today came from experimentation around used straws that were collected from the Medina of Tunis in the context of INTERFERENCE light art project . I found interesting to work on common material such as plastic, straws, bringing second life out of it and present awareness about one time use material that we are leaving behind us.
The material employed take another dimension on a big sculpture made out of individuals mobile. Light came as a medium with projected picture of white light on black background and with the random movement that is made from the wind. making the whole structure became a life with an infinity of aspect, leaving the field open to the poetic vision of every person.

Aziz Aissaoui_Referential

Photos: Brahim Guedich


2018 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE


2017 – 2018 | Tunis [tn], Ceramics & Pottery, Center Sidi Kacem Jelizi
2017 | Denden [tn], Product Design, School of Science & Technology of Design


Lives and works in Tunis
1993 | Born in Tunis [tn]


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