September 28 to October 7, 2018

Andy Behrle

LICHTROUTEN Site: Sauerland-Center
Sauerfelder Straße 2

Andy Behrle LR18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Project: jelliz

Intervention: Projection onto architecture
Site-specific intervention: Water-animated, serial graphics
Location reference: Mapping to architecture
Material of the city: Water
Image-production: Media player, projection 1 x 20.000 ANSI lumens 3-Chip DLP

With my digital camera, I captured moving images of the textures of light reflecting off of water at locations in and around Tunis. Using computer software, I edited the footage together to re-imagine the tiles of Tunisia. Each tile design has roots elsewhere in the Mediterranean, being brought across the sea to become distinctly Tunisian. By blending together the textures of the waters, I reflect upon the rich history that has shaped the culture of the Medina of Tunis. [Andy Behrle]

Andy Behrle _ Referential

Photos: Andy Behrle


2018 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2018 | Tacoma [us], THE LIGHT WE HEAR
2016 | Moscow, Idaho [us], HYDRODOME
2016 | Lansing/MI [us], MICA Institute for Contemporary Art
2015 | Hildesheim [de], LICHTUNGEN
2015 | Portland [us], FROM THERE TO HERE
2013 | New Orleans [us], A YEAR AND ONE DAY
Depuis 2002 | Regular exhibition activity in the United States


2003 | Tempe [us], Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture
1999 | Elmira [us], Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy & Religion, Studio Art


2012 | moved to Washington
1977 | Massachusetts [us], Born


Referential Work: INTERFERENCE Tunis 2018 | Documentation: Andy Behrle