September 28 to October 7, 2018

Ingo Wendt

LICHTROUTEN Standort: St. Joseph und Medardus Kirche (innen)
Jockuschstraße 12

Ingo Wendt _ LR18

Photos: Jennifer Braun

LICHTROUTEN Project: Chronotop.

Installation: Kinetisches Objekt
Ortsbezug: Projektionen in den Architekturraum
Material der Stadt: Draht
Bildgebung: 3 x 500 Watt Halogen Leuchtstäbe, 1 x 70 Watt Halogen-Metalldampflampe (HQI), Farbfilter, Drahtgewebe, Drehmotor, Projektionsflächen

Developed for the exhibition SWITCH 2016 in the “International Center of Light Art” “Lindenbrauerei” is an interpretation of a clock. Here it fits very well in the tower of a church where a clockwork is normally found its place. A mechanism is running slowly and it is projected to a round projection circle one on one side. On the other side is a colourful light painting to be seen that is moving very slowly and also is projected on a round projection screen. This face of the clock shows no defined time. The object allows the audience to find an individual time. One intention is the feeling of having all time of the world on a summer afternoon for activities and the hanging around in a long time the artist remembers from his childhood and youth. Getting older the time seems to be often in a hurry and the artist tries to get back this freedom of feeling a long time in this object.

SEEN at SWITCH / Center for International Light Art Unna 2016

Ingo Wendt _ Referenz

Photos: Ingo Wendt Archive


2018 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2017 | Houmt Souk [tn], SEE DJERBA
2016 | Leeuwaarden [nl], LUNA
2016 | Mülheim / Ruhr [de], Shiny Toys
2016 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2015 | Hildesheim [de], LICHTUNGEN


Since 2008 |Regular exhibition and project activity, especially in Germany
Since 2011 | Saarbrücken [de], University of Fine Arts, Head of the Light Laboratory
2004 – 2007 |Saarbrücken [de], University of Fine Arts, Fine Art, Diploma
1999 – 2004 | Saarbrücken [de], University of Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Diploma
1996 – 1998 | Kaiserslautern [de], Carpenter


Lives in Ebertsheim / Palatinate [en]
1964 | Born in Schorndorf [en]